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OKCEC's Risk and Compliance Statement

This Risks and Compliance Statement should be read in conjunction with the Terms of Service of OKCEC Technology Company Limited ("OKCEC"). In a nutshell, we want you to understand the significant risks and benefits of trading on our platform Regulatory issues.

Statement 1: [trading risk]

The risk of loss of trading or holding digital assets can be substantial. Therefore, you should carefully consider whether the digital asset or the transaction of any leveraged or derivative digital asset suits you based on your financial condition.

Statement 2: [OKCEC does not accept any legal tender]

While other platforms may help you to charge or withdraw legal tender, OKCEC does not allow or provide legal tender settlement or withdrawal services. OKCEC is only a digital asset trading platform. For a simple analogy, if you are listening to a heavy metal concert, do not miss a classical concert, or you may headache.

Statement 3: [Digital assets are not money, nor legal tender]

While there are other trading platforms that convert or liquidate digital assets into money or legal tender, we do not provide such services. OKCEC does not treat digital assets as money or legal tender because digital assets are not backed by any government or central bank.

Statement 4: [We can help the government]

Although we may not welcome expensive regulation, we respect regulations and comply with applicable regulations. As a good corporate citizen, we may be required by law enforcement to provide information and will provide assistance where permitted by law. This means that our platform only welcomes law-abiding customers. We welcome the opportunity to win your business and we ask that you act legally and correctly on our platform.